There ARE javascript solutions for this and a few can be found here:
http://www.webreference.com/dhtml/column7/ (particularly good)

What you'll find is that JS does not natively support the drag and drop
feature and that either some type of wrapper needs to be built to make it
possible or a bunch of functions. Furthermore, there may be cross-browser
compatability issues depending on the WAY you want your drag and drop to
work. And you always have the possibility that some genius might turn off
the JS support in his or her browser thereby completely killing your nice
script. But it sounds like you might have some control over this with your

If you were to pick a JS solution, I think the third link has the most
potential, but that's just my opinion and it's going to take some keen work
to figure out a way to pass the car positions from the objects back into
form elements that can be passed to PHP. I've done that kind of work before
and it's rather "clunky". If I knew Flash better, I'd actually lean towards
avoiding the JS route.

With that in mind, I did a little searching on Google using "drag and drop"
+flash and the search yielded a whole bunch of results which varied from how
to drag and drop on the Flash stage to actually designing the client-side
functionality you want. I'd suggest performing the same search yourself and
finding the information that best suits your needs.

If you get a solution working with JS, please post it or let me know. I'd be
interested in looking at one that actually works with PHP to move data back
and forth rather than just do jigsaw puzzles or whatever.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP, MySQL and Flash

Does anyone know of any articles on integrating PHP, MySQL and Flash to
perform a drag and drop routine for updating a db?

Specifically, I have a client who is _INSISTING_ that I integrate a drag and
drop feature into his railcar storage application. He wants to be able to
view two railcar storage tracks, Track A and Track B, then drag and drop
cars from Track A to Track B ( or Track B to Track A ). Once he positions (
orders ) all the cars properly on each track, I need to update a MySQL db to
reflect the changes.

I have already developed the above feature so that he can do this
'textually', but he is _determined_ that he must have the graphic 'drag and
drop' feature.

There may be another method ( Javascript ? ) to accomplish the same effect.
I am certainly open to any advice and/or opinions. Any pointers would be
_greatly_ appreciated.


Randy Rankin

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