Does anyone know of any articles on integrating PHP, MySQL and Flash to
perform a drag and drop routine for updating a db?

Specifically, I have a client who is _INSISTING_ that I integrate a drag and
drop feature into his railcar storage application. He wants to be able to
view two railcar storage tracks, Track A and Track B, then drag and drop
cars from Track A to Track B ( or Track B to Track A ). Once he positions (
orders ) all the cars properly on each track, I need to update a MySQL db to
reflect the changes. 

I have already developed the above feature so that he can do this
'textually', but he is _determined_ that he must have the graphic 'drag and
drop' feature. 

There may be another method ( Javascript ? ) to accomplish the same effect.
I am certainly open to any advice and/or opinions. Any pointers would be
_greatly_ appreciated.


Randy Rankin

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