Have you considered using the console-tool,  "mysqldump  "  ?
You could write a quick script  ... say

mysqldump -u adminuser -p adminpass --all-databases > backup.sql
tar -zcvf backup.tar.gz backup.sql
mv backup.sql  /somepath/backup.sql

if you're on Winders, a batch file:

mysqldump -u adminuser -p adminpass --all-databases > backup.sql
move backup.sql z:\somepath\backup.sql

If you write a batch script, or shell script, all the "new guy" would have to do is run it. Create a cron job (on linux) or scheduled task (on windows) and the "new guy" just has to figure out the coffee machine :)
Food for thought,


Brenton Dobell wrote:

Hello all,

I am developing an Intranet page for my workplace, ATM i use phpmyadmin to
do rutine backups ect, this is cool but i am going on long service leave for
14 weeks and during that time a new guy will attempt to continue to maintain
the site and perform regular "backups"... I tried to show him how to use
phpmyadmin but has proved too dificult for him to understand, how can i make
a quick script to implement into a page that prompts you to download the
entire sctipt in .txt form?? just like php myadmin, and starting tips and
hints would be great.

Cheers in advance


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