>    A question on cleanup?
> example:
> 1. Connection via mysql_connect via the web.
> 2. Know that mysql_connect relinquishes the connection link upon the
> script ending.
> 3. User performs work and has several global variables stored in memory
> on the server.
> 4. User doesn't logout at the end of the session, just quits the
> browser. So session_destroy() and unset($user) aren't ran.
> With that said, how does mysql clean up its cached globals for that
> user? From a setting timing out in the php.ini file? If so, which
> setting handles this? If not, does anyone know the process that mysql
> goes through on the server side to clean up  left over cached
> variables? Thanks in advance.

MySQL doesn't have cached variables. Neither does PHP, really. Session files
are cleaned up based upon a php.ini setting, session.gc_maxlifetime, I
think. Variables are destroyed when the script ends.

Now, if you're storing your sessions in MySQL, then you must implement your
own clean up.

---John Holmes...

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