If you are using a custom session handler by means of
session_set_save_handler() - the last arg to the function is the gc()
function, which is the actuall function that is used to clean up the expired
sessions from the database. You would set the value in your php ini file
unser the session gc directive from 0 - 100. If you set it to 0, the gc will
never run and the expired sessions will hange around, if you set it to 100,
the gc will run every time the session engine starts up ( every call to
session_start() ).

~ Joe Penn

"Allens" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello,
>    A question on cleanup?
> example:
> 1. Connection via mysql_connect via the web.
> 2. Know that mysql_connect relinquishes the connection link upon the
> script ending.
> 3. User performs work and has several global variables stored in memory
> on the server.
> 4. User doesn't logout at the end of the session, just quits the
> browser. So session_destroy() and unset($user) aren't ran.
> With that said, how does mysql clean up its cached globals for that
> user? From a setting timing out in the php.ini file? If so, which
> setting handles this? If not, does anyone know the process that mysql
> goes through on the server side to clean up  left over cached
> variables? Thanks in advance.
> :)
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