FTP is used to tranfer files, typically not "an array of data".. Depending
what you mean..   From the sounds of things you need a protocol gateway
instead of using FTP..

Unless you are loading that array of data into a file on the remote server
at which point something will slurp it up and wait for the next cycle..

There are lots of built in FTP functions in PHP that are easy to use..
make sure you compiled PHP with --enable-ftp   ..

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, OpenSource wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> I need some assistance on this FTP stuff.
> I've got an array of data that I need to send via ftp to another server
> eg. $linea = array($sport.$rot1.$r_vl);
> This information is gotten from my database and needs to be sent to the other server 
> every 5 seconds.
> I need to connect to the server then wait for a byte where "0" = valid and "1" = 
> invalid
> than I am suppose to send the $linea info.
> can you give some pointers as to how I should go about doing this or if you guys has 
> any pre-written functions that I can follow through.
> This is the first time I'm dealing with FTP in PHP.

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