I'm given the IP and port to connect to.
I will then send my username and password in this format:
the version number is just 4 characters of the program eg. "1.00"

I must then wait for a byte:
    '0' - valid
    '1' - invalid
then I am to send the data as
eg.    L3200150.00

They should have another program on their end that will slurp up the data
and do whatever with it.

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> FTP is used to tranfer files, typically not "an array of data".. Depending
> what you mean..   From the sounds of things you need a protocol gateway
> instead of using FTP..
> Unless you are loading that array of data into a file on the remote server
> at which point something will slurp it up and wait for the next cycle..
> There are lots of built in FTP functions in PHP that are easy to use..
> make sure you compiled PHP with --enable-ftp   ..
> On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, OpenSource wrote:
> > Hey Guys,
> >
> > I need some assistance on this FTP stuff.
> > I've got an array of data that I need to send via ftp to another server
> >
> > eg. $linea = array($sport.$rot1.$r_vl);
> >
> > This information is gotten from my database and needs to be sent to the
other server every 5 seconds.
> > I need to connect to the server then wait for a byte where "0" = valid
and "1" = invalid
> > than I am suppose to send the $linea info.
> >
> > can you give some pointers as to how I should go about doing this or if
you guys has any pre-written functions that I can follow through.
> > This is the first time I'm dealing with FTP in PHP.

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