I have a page layout problem and on the site I am
using PHP and mysql.  It's easier to show the problem
I am having, than if anyone can help they can view the
source of the page and see exactly what is wrong. 
It;s a HTML output problem somewhere but I am using
PHP and fetching data constantley from mysql

The website is :

Now the problem is where it says the following:

 : View Stats
: Privacy Policy
 : Terms of Service

(depending on your email client the above may not show
as it should so please visit the above URL to view it)

The Privacy... is out of line and is one space this
way <- and should be lined up like the others.

Why is it out of line?  I could add a white . to align
it right but surely there is another way around it. 
Because if people highlight the link they will see a .
at the start also.  Anyone got ideas why it is
outputing out of line?  All help mostly appreciated.



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