View your source. You're missing a   before the colon on that
line that exists on all the other lines. What does this have to do
with PHP?

--- JeRRy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a page layout problem and on the site I am
> using PHP and mysql.  It's easier to show the problem
> I am having, than if anyone can help they can view the
> source of the page and see exactly what is wrong. 
> It;s a HTML output problem somewhere but I am using
> PHP and fetching data constantley from mysql
> database(s).
> The website is :
> Now the problem is where it says the following:
>  : View Stats
> : Privacy Policy
>  : Terms of Service
> (depending on your email client the above may not show
> as it should so please visit the above URL to view it)
> The Privacy... is out of line and is one space this
> way <- and should be lined up like the others.
> Why is it out of line?  I could add a white . to align
> it right but surely there is another way around it. 
> Because if people highlight the link they will see a .
> at the start also.  Anyone got ideas why it is
> outputing out of line?  All help mostly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Jerry
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