No it dosn't work.

I don't know *how* it dosn't work.  That's why I'm asking for a hand.  

When I run the page it returns a " Parse error: parse error, unexpected
T_STRING in C:\FoxServ\www\encana_db.php on line 48 "

Which is:
INSERT INTO gradients (kwo, lsd, date, well, field, uni, license,
formation) VALUES ('$kwo', '$lsd', '$date', '$well', '$field', '$uni',
'$license', '$formation') 

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On Saturday 02 August 2003 01:46, Jeff wrote:

> I tried doing this through the news server, but something messed up.
> I just need to know how to make an HTML form write to a MySQL DB. This

> is what I have so far.


And does it work? If it works then congratulations. If it doesn't work,
doesn't it work.

If you're new to all this, you might want to start by reading some of
numerous tutorials available (google for them) and follow through a few

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