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% One last question.
% I changed all the DB values where numbers are used - (varchar - int)

Well, you should only change for those where the numbers are numbers...

% But for the well locations, there are dashes in them, I.E. 10-15-065-22


% With setting the field to int, it only displays the first part.
% 10-15-065-22 shows as 10
% There are also several other fields that use dashes.

Then those are an alphanumeric mixture and should be a varchar.

% If I set it back to varchar, will it sort it right because the numbers are
% separated by an alfa character, or will I have the same problem as before?

If the numbers are padded then it will sort right.  That is, is the 065
holding three places with a zero?  If it's always 2-2-3-2 digits then
sorting will be just fine (just like "00055" would have sorted as you
expected against "14000" in a varchar field).


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