Hi Radovan

Here are some suggestions

Make sure $ORACLE_HOME is set in your environment. There may be other 
environment variables that the environment needs as well that are set for 
the webserver process, but not when you run the command line version.

PHP 4.3.2 has a bug in it that causes php to crash with oracle support. Try 


near the top of ext/oci8/oci8.c

If your getting a core dump, then you can compile php with --enable-debug as 
a configure option. run the script again and use gdb to get a backtrace. 
There are instructions for doing this are at 
This probably wont solve your problem, but is fun to do anyway.


Radovan Radic wrote:

> Hello
> I have php 4.3.2 installed as apache 2.0.45 module on RH Linux (7.3) with
> oci8 support.
> Things work fine when php scripts are accessed via web, but when i try to
> start them from command line using
> /usr/local/php4.3.2/bin/php test.php i get an error
> Segmentation fault.
> test.php has only 4-5 lines, for connecting to oracle, and printing data
> from one table, using same class as pages on the web.
> Anyone can help?
> Thanks,
> Radovan

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