Thanks for the help. I will try this, althought i compiled php with-oracle
and Oracle functions work ok with php even in command line. Now, only i have
problem with calling oracle stored procedures that return resultset in
cursor. I knew how to do it in oci functions, but i dont know how to make it
in php+oracle functions. Anybody can help me about it?


"Lang Sharpe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi Radovan
> Here are some suggestions
> Make sure $ORACLE_HOME is set in your environment. There may be other
> environment variables that the environment needs as well that are set for
> the webserver process, but not when you run the command line version.
> PHP 4.3.2 has a bug in it that causes php to crash with oracle support.
> adding
> near the top of ext/oci8/oci8.c
> If your getting a core dump, then you can compile php with --enable-debug
> a configure option. run the script again and use gdb to get a backtrace.
> There are instructions for doing this are at
> http://bugs.php.net/bugs-generating-backtrace.php
> This probably wont solve your problem, but is fun to do anyway.
> Lang
> Radovan Radic wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > I have php 4.3.2 installed as apache 2.0.45 module on RH Linux (7.3)
> > oci8 support.
> > Things work fine when php scripts are accessed via web, but when i try
> > start them from command line using
> > /usr/local/php4.3.2/bin/php test.php i get an error
> > Segmentation fault.
> > test.php has only 4-5 lines, for connecting to oracle, and printing data
> > from one table, using same class as pages on the web.
> >
> > Anyone can help?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Radovan

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