Matt Babineau wrote:
Here is what I have for a layout:

thing_id -> it is a hash value (md5())

I have a user session variable that is an array "thing_id's that were

So each time the user click a like to view a thing_id, I note that in a
session variable, so when they go back to the home page, all the things
they have viewed are not shown, only the ones they have not viewed.

1 | hash_id_1
2 | hash_id_2
3 | hash_id_3
4 | hash_id_4

Viewed (Session Var)
1 | hash_id_2
2 | hash_id_4

So when the user hits the homepage, they should get a list of 2 hash ID's hash_id_1 and hash_id_3. That is how I want this to work, I just need a slick way to compare and filter the viewed hash_id's from the complete list I am pulling form the DB.

Does that help?

Yes. You only need to maintain one list, actually, the list of "things" that the user has viewed. Then, do something like this:

$list = "'" . implode("','",$_SESSION['viewed_hash']) . "'";
$query = "SELECT thing FROM Thing_Table WHERE thing_hash NOT IN ($list)";

Run that query and you'll have all of the results in the table that the view has not seen.

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