take a look at your postgresql.conf config
optimize request and test  your requests

"Joe Nilson Zegarra Galvez" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi all, i have a question, i have a php file with all my class to
> connect into a postgresql db and i'm using the pg_connect in this form:
> pg_connect("","","","",$dbase);
> but when i have 8 or 10 users inserting data the db response is very
> slow, is problem in the pg_connect?, all ppl use the same file_class.php
> to connect to the db.
> The SErver is a Compaq Proliant with two Xeon 2.20Ghz Processors, 1Gb
> Memory, 20Gb SCSI HD, 1Gb Ethernet and Redhat Linux with apache 2.0.47,
> php 4.2.2 and PostgreSQL 7.2.2
> Thankx for your answers
> Regards
> Nilson

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