Matt Schroebel wrote:

Gerard Samuel <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote on Tuesday, August 19,
2003 2:32 PM:

understand on a fresh database startup, it takes time to get things
together to run. But sometimes it would seem like its going fast, then
othertimes, crawl
slower than snails.

I've found that, with an AS/400, I had to build the proper indexes, such as an upper case only version for performing LIKE '%LASTNAME%' searches, *and* tell DB2 which index to use on the SELECT statement such as: SELECT MMLNAM from ADDRBOOKL2 where MMLNAM LIKE 'SAMUEL%'

If I didn't point the select to the index, for some reason it wouldn't
choose it.  The folks at IBM Rochester Support Line told me to do this,
but it seems to me that DB2 should be doing that leg work for me.  It
did decrease response time from 4 minutes to 5 seconds -- which is still

My biggest problem with it now, is that it seems it runs out of breath, every so often.
It would be fairly quick, then slow down, then pick up the pace, then slow down.
All this is run on a 1800XP/256M Ram Development box, where Im the only one accessing the database.
I would even go as far to say that MSSQL is faster than DB2, from what Ive seen so far...

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