Hello, I installed MMCache on one of our boxes here and did a few timing
tests. I have to say I'm very unimpressed given the hype and the benchmarks
on their servers. Am I missing something? (and yes, phpinfo() shows the
module is loaded). I was the only person hitting the pages on this test box.
For the smaller pages, I would'nt expect much improvement, but I would
expect for the larger loading pages to see at least SOME speed increase...

I have removed the URL's since you couldn't get to them on our LAN
anyways... But the values are fairly accurate (as much as a stopwatch, my
fingers and my eyes can be)


PHP v4.2.3, 
Apache 1.3.26, 
Zend Engine v1.2.0, 
Turck MMCache v2.3.23

ENABLED:        2.5 seconds
DISABLED:       3.0 seconds

ENABLED:        1.5 seconds
DISABLED:       2.8 seconds

ENABLED:        26.0 seconds
DISABLED:       26.5 seconds

ENABLED:        3 seconds
DISABLED:       3 seconds

ENABLED:         3.5 seconds
DISABLED:        3.5 seconds

ENABLED:         7.25 seconds
DISABLED:        8.0 seconds

ENABLED:         1.75 seconds
DISABLED:        2.75 seconds

ENABLED:         5 seconds
DISABLED:        5 seconds

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