On 08/20/2003 09:10 PM, Daevid Vincent wrote:
Hello, I installed MMCache on one of our boxes here and did a few timing
tests. I have to say I'm very unimpressed given the hype and the benchmarks
on their servers. Am I missing something? (and yes, phpinfo() shows the
module is loaded). I was the only person hitting the pages on this test box.
For the smaller pages, I would'nt expect much improvement, but I would
expect for the larger loading pages to see at least SOME speed increase...

I have removed the URL's since you couldn't get to them on our LAN
anyways... But the values are fairly accurate (as much as a stopwatch, my
fingers and my eyes can be)

It all depends on what you are doing. You will really notice great improvements if your scripts are mostly PHP processing intensive. In scripts that may be delayed by database, file system or network accesses the speedup may not be so noticeable.

In this case, the content caching may be noticeable on subsequent accesses to the data generated by the type of external accesses that I mentioned.

You also will notice greater speedup if your scripts are complex or include many classes.


Manuel Lemos

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