looking for a better way to query and cehck for overlapping timeframes.

am selecting records for display that has 3 fields of importance;
        date_time (unix timestamp)
        session_time (in seconds)
        user_id      (text field)

Of all the sessions recorded, we are looking for a count of duplicate sessions
for a given month. currently we are doing this with two seperate calls, but it
is taking forever to process;

# first query is to gather sessions that took place within a given month
$query = "SELECT * FROM logs WHERE name='$username' AND \
        date_time>$dategt AND date_time<$datelt \
        ORDER BY date_time DESC";
$result = pg_exec($database,$query);
        $row = pg_fetch_array($result,$count);
# as we go through the hits, check for duplicates within that timeframe as well
        $DUPquery = "SELECT session_id FROM logs WHERE name='$username' AND \
                date_time>$sessionstart AND \
                (date_time - session_time)<$datetime \
                ORDER BY name ASC, date_time DESC";

Obviously this is extremely processor intensive, not to mention it seems sloppy.
Any better recommendations, either on altering the above code, or another way to
get the information we require?


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