This isn't specifically a DB related question, but...  The following
code snippet is not functioning for me.  I keep receiving a parse error on
the "if" line.  Basically I want to stop execution of this page if either of
the conditions in the "if" statement exist.  Thanks in advance.

#  while($cntr != 0) {
#    if (($shell[$cntr] eq "") || ($grp[$cntr] eq "Primary Gr")) {
#         echo "<p align=\"center\"><font color=\"#99CCCC\"
size=\"4\">Sorry, but your request was not filled out completely.  Please
resubmit this request ensuring that you have selected a Primary Group and
Default Shell.</font></p>";
#      echo "<p align=\"center\"><font color=\"#99CCCC\" size=\"4\">Please
follow this <a
href=\"\";>link</a> to
return to the beginning of the request process.</font></p>";
#         exit;
#       }
#  }

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