Thanks for all the help.  I was finally able to get this working
properly by viewing the variable data as suggested.  I then ran into another
minor issue with session variables keeping their old values on a second pass
through the application, but I resolved this by unregistering these
variables before sending the user back through the application.  One strange
thing I noticed was that you can register multiple variables with a single
session_register, but you have to unregister only a single variable at a
time.  Anyone know anything more about this?  Am I doing something wrong, or
is it this way by design?  Thanks.

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> Thanks for the feedback.  This seems to have helped, but something
> is still not working with the logic.  Here is the updated code:
> <?php
>   while($cntr != 0) {
>     $cntr--;
>     if (($shell[$cntr] == "") || ($grp[$cntr] == "")) {
>   echo "<p align=\"center\"><font color=\"#99CCCC\"
> size=\"4\">Sorry, but your request was not filled out completely.  Please
> resubmit this request ensuring that you have selected a Primary Group and
> Default Shell.</font></p>";
>       echo "<p align=\"center\"><font color=\"#99CCCC\" size=\"4\">Please
> follow this <a
> href=\"\";>link</a> to
> to the beginning of the request process.</font></p>";
>   exit;
> }
>   }
> ?>
> Now, the test conditions never seem to enter into this portion of
> code.  I am unable to figure out why at this point.  Thanks again for the
> help.

Okay... let's do some basic debugging now. What does print_r($shell) and
print_r($grp) display? Are there any entries that are equal to an empty

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