Hello all.

I run my php files in Win200+iis+MySQL+php , but it was some error in the file. I need 
The error displayed:
PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant name - assumed 'name' in 
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\NBV1\atom.php on line 146
PHP Notice:  Undefined variable:  nb_zxxx_org in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\NBV1\atom.php on 
line 146

My file :
while ($c>0)
 $qr=mysql_query("select * from templatelib");
  if ($$xxx[name]){continue;}

My datatable 'templatelib':
 name varchar(30) NOT NULL default '',
  content longtext,
  id int(9) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  mainsql varchar(255) default NULL,
  b2 varchar(255) default NULL,
  b3 varchar(255) default NULL,
  level varchar(8) default NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (id),
  UNIQUE KEY id_2 (id),
  KEY id (id)

Thanks !

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