Using an Apache/PHP/MySQL/Linux (Redhat 8.0) solution, PHPList, to create an e-mailing list for our 5.6 million book club members. Unfortunately, the import speed for importing records (at record number 150,000 the rate is about 2,000 records per hour). We're running on the following:

P4 (1.5 Ghz), 1.2 Gbytes RAM (650 Mbytes RAM Disk using ramfs), IDE drive (72,00 rpm)

So far we've moved the MySQL data files (var/lib/mysql), PHP /tmp and upload directories and PHPlist web site files to RAM Disk (still just testing - not yet dealing with data safety issues). With all of this tuning we're still at only 2,000 records per hour for uploading.

We need to be at 100,000 records per hour (uploading and sending seem to run at about the same rate - we need to be able to send to all book club members in the same week). Any suggestions?


(We're planning to run the system on a server with dual Opterons, 8 Gbytes RAM and RAID-5 SCSI drives, but I don't think the additional system horsepower will solve our problem.)

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