What is your data load method? What is the type of your table(s)?

With LOAD DATA and text files, I load several million rows in about a

Also please don't cross-post. Better first find out what the most suitable
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> Using an Apache/PHP/MySQL/Linux (Redhat 8.0) solution, PHPList, to create
> an e-mailing list for our 5.6 million book club members.  Unfortunately,
> the import speed for importing records (at record number 150,000 the rate
> is about 2,000 records per hour).  We're running on the following:
> P4 (1.5 Ghz), 1.2 Gbytes RAM (650 Mbytes RAM Disk using ramfs), IDE drive
> (72,00 rpm)
> So far we've moved the MySQL data files (var/lib/mysql), PHP /tmp and
> upload directories and PHPlist web site files to RAM Disk (still just
> testing - not yet dealing with data safety issues).  With all of this
> tuning we're still at only 2,000 records per hour for uploading.
> We need to be at 100,000 records per hour (uploading and sending seem to
> run at about the same rate - we need to be able to send to all book club
> members in the same week).  Any suggestions?
> Creigh
> (We're planning to run the system on a server with dual Opterons, 8 Gbytes
> RAM and RAID-5 SCSI drives, but I don't think the additional system
> horsepower will solve our problem.)
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