one way it to use old_password ()instead of password(), when creating new user name, or update the password for those existing user names with the old_password() function.

but then this will force you to use the old password() function, which doesn't really help much...

Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar wrote:


Just this morning I upgraded to MySQL 4.1.0 alpha and PHP 4.3.3. I'm also running Apache 2 on a WinXP machine. The main reason for the upgrade was so that I could make use of 4.1.0's sub-select feature rather than attempt learning JOINs. It is now 7 hours later, and I keep getting the following error when trying to connect to my database:

Warning: mysql_connect(): Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server. Consider upgrading MySQL client

Running phpinfo() shows Client API version 3.23.49 under mySQL.

Searching around the net all day, the closest explanation I could find was that PHP does not have a client API to interface with MySQL 4.1.x. The solution suggested was to use an ODBC driver to interface between PHP and MySQL but indicated that this may be slower.

My question, therefore, is - is there a way to upgrade the MySQL client in PHP 4.3.3? If not, what are the alternatives (apart from reverting back to MySQL 4.0.x of course).

Thanks in advance.


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