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> Hi,
> Just this morning I upgraded to MySQL 4.1.0 alpha and PHP
> 4.3.3.  I'm also
> running Apache 2 on a WinXP machine.  The main reason for the
> upgrade was so that I could make use of 4.1.0's sub-select
> feature rather than attempt learning JOINs.  It is now 7 hours
> later, and I keep getting the following error when trying to
> connect to my database: 
> Warning: mysql_connect(): Client does not support
> authentication protocol
> requested by server. Consider upgrading MySQL client
> My question, therefore, is - is there a way to upgrade the
> MySQL client in PHP 4.3.3?  If not, what are the alternatives
> (apart from reverting back to MySQL 4.0.x of course).

I don't believe so, although I'm not absolutely certain as I don't use MySQL
myself.  My understanding, however, is that support for MySQL 4.1 will not
be available until PHP 5.0.



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