I have not really followed this thread so if it is mentioned

Is the include_path directive twice in the file?

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> There is an include_path for unix and an include_path for windows. 
> They both differ slightly but aren't of the same value that is being
> returned in the
> php info page or the error that I am receiving.
> This is the info displayed for my php.ini file. My OS is on G:.
> G:\WINDOWS\php.ini
> This is the Include_path directory shown in the phpinfo page. 
> .;c:\php4\pear
> Thanks very much for your help on this. Let me know if you need me to 
> post anything else that might help.

Well, I think I'm about out of ideas then -- so long as the ini file
you're editing is G:\WINDOWS\php.ini, this all looks spot on.

Just as a very last resort, can you post an extract from your
G:\WINDOWS\php.ini that shows the lines which set include_path, plus a
few lines either side -- just to check that there's nothing in their
context that might be mucking things up.

I suppose it might also be interesting to see the entire line from your
phpinfo that shows the include_path settings (i.e. both master and local



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