From: "Merlin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I am getting more and more "to many connections" errors on my web
> application buid with LAMP.
> After doing some research it looks like this is a problem because I am
> using pmysql_connect instead of mysql_connect.
> Istn't it better to use persistant connections? There are about 14000 PI
> the system has to serve each day. It looks like this is close to the
> limit? The server itself is running on about 10%cpu. Is there a way to
> increase the amount of connections possible?
> Can anybody give me a suggestion on how to solve this problem and where
> to go from here?

You can set a higher max connection level with a my.cnf file. It's all
explained on the MySQL site.

Also, make sure you read the ENTIRE PAGE (with all notes) on the
mysql_connect() and mysql_pconnect() manual pages. There are really specific
configurations where using pconnect() is useful, otherwise it doesn't help
at all(and may hinder).

---John Holmes...

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