On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Balaji H. Kasal wrote:

> > 
> >     It is usually better not to use persistenc connections.
> >     So drop the pmysql_connect or if you really need to use
> >     them set set max connections higher for mysql.
>    Which problem it has? 

        On a really busy site persistent connections will just
        pile up and in the end the sql server will reach its
        max connections limit. Unless you will do many connects
        per page you will virtually gain almost nothing by
        using persistent connections.

        If you absolutely need to use persistent connections 
        you can stop max connections filling up by dropping
        MaxRequestsPerChild from httpd.conf to something 
        like 150 or lower. This way unnesseccary connections
        get killed when the Apache child dies.

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