> configuring PHP with apache is not that difficult, here's how you should
> it:
> You should get 2 files: php4apache.dll and php4ts.dll , normally you only
get these files when you compile
> PHP manually but conecting to PHP is much safer when you use these files,
so if you need to download both versions
 to use these 2 dll's in your automatic install
> I assume you have installed both apache and PHP and that Apache works
> You should try to get Apache 1.3 and not Apache 2 just because Apache 2
> support in PHP is still experimental and it is not (yet) recommended to
> PHP with apache 2.
> you must copy the 2 files to the directory php/sapi
> it is possible that you will have to create the sapi directory.
> When you have done that open the httpd.conf file, you can find this file
> your apache/conf directory
> and add these lines to the file
> LoadModule php4_module d:/php/sapi/php4apache.dll
> AddModule mod_php4.c
> AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
> in the first line you should change the path to the path on your pc.
> now restart your pc and start apache
> You should see the message
> Apache 1.3.xx running / PHP 4.x.x.
> your php scripts will work fine now
> Greetz DragonEye
"Nicola Hartland" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
I need some help to install and configure php I have tried downloading it a
dozen times to configure it on Apache on xp but I cannot seem to get it to
talk to my sql could someone provide me with an idiots guide to installing
it  please?

Thanks in advance


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