you could first check for isset($_POST['keyword']) and then if that passes
check what keywords you have.  or you could write an additional html tag to
the page like.  <input type="hidden" name="keyword[]" value="NA">.  This
would force the $_POST['keyword'] array to exist and then you'd have to
strip that from your array when processing it


                      Keith Wilkinson                                                  
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                                               Subject:  [PHP-DB] Determining if 
checkbox is selected in PHP                            
                      09/09/2003 08:09                                                 

I'm storing the values from a groups of checkboxes
in an array "keyword[]", but $_POST['keyword'] is
undefined if none of the checkboxes is checked.
I tried using "in_array()" with $_POST to determine
if any of the group of 'keyword' checkboxes is checked,
but can't get it to work;  does anyone have any

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