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> I have an application which creates temporary tables.  My plan is to
> remove them after a 24 hour period and only those which are have a
> created time greater than 24 hours.  That part I can do, my question is
> how will I be able to run this script which is a 2 part script.
> First thing I do is pull the names of the temporary tables which are
> going to be deleted from another table.  From this result set, I need to
> DROP tables as well as remove the reference to them from the first
> table.
> I understand that I can run PHP from the command line but this would
> require PHP to installed as a CGI which I prefer not to do.
> I was hoping I that I could use CRON to run this script once a day...

You can. Create a php script that does what you want. It should not create
any output, either log status/error messages or send an email.

If you save it as cron.php, you can use a command such as the following in
your crontab:

wget -q -O - > /dev/null

I'm assuming you know the specifics of cron or can google for it. :)

---John Holmes...

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