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> > Interesting... how does this fair concerning security?  So I'll have to
> > have this file located in my document root, is this a good thing?  My
> > current directory structure consists of several files located outside
> > the doc root.  I guess I could always include it onto a page
> Unfortunately command-line fetch programs seldom provide a clean
> method for providing authentication info; so you probably can't
> just restrict access to that script based on a userid/password.
> (You might be able to do something with SSL and client certificates;
> but then you need to either buy a client cert or figure out how to
> set up a private certificate authority...)

Getting off topic here, but you can specify user and password for wget. So
you could protect the file with .htaccess and provide the user/login to

The only problem is the user/password will be available when you run "ps".
For a way to get around that, see the man page of wget.

---John Holmes...

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