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> Hi:
>       I have a Oracle 7.3.3 on Unix, but in my computer (client) Windows
> 2000 i have a php source code that try to connect with this database.
>       I test with TNSPING and SQLPLUS commands line, and connect with both
> susseffuly, but when i try to connect with php can't.
>       I have a Apache server with php 4.2.2
>       i'm trying the follow code:
>  <?
> if ($conn=Ora_Logon(" [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ",
> "webmaster")) {
>         echo "<B>SUCCESS ! Connected to database<B>\n";
> } else {
>         echo "<B>Failed :-( Could not connect to database<B>\n";
> }
> Ora_Logoff($conn);
> ?>
> And the error is:
> Warning: Oracle: Connection Failed: in C:\FoxServ\www\conectar.php on line
> Failed :-( Could not connect to database
> Warning: ora_logoff(): supplied argument is not a valid Oracle-Connection
> resource in C:\FoxServ\www\conectar.php on line 7

Have you tried the newer oci8 extension, instead of the oracle one ? you
need the oracle client installed onto you php server (I think it is already
there, as you said your SQLPLUS is working correctly, but I'm not an oracle
guru ;-( ), and uncomment php_oci8.dll instead of php_oracle. After that,
you would be able to connect to your remote oracle db using ocilogon instead
of ora_logon.
Hope this helps.

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