Sorry it's for mysql only...but this merely reflects the current state of php's database support...especially regarding functions for retrieving database metadata.

Perhaps it's about time you had another look ;)
Use ADOdb and you have access to a range of engines. Yes there are some holes, but they are being plugged as required. There is also PEARdb, but I have had less success with that.


Personally I use phpMyAdmin or the mysql cmdline (like everybody else) for admin tasks, but I wanted a simple front-end for the rest of my website without all of phpMyAdmin's baggage (ui and otherwise).

I have never run mysql, being a long time Interbase/Firebird user. ibWebAdmin is an alternative for that, but I know that a number of ADOdb based front end's are being built. Perhaps the dropping of mysql integration in PHP5 will help open the market up again :)

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