I have been using Mysql for a long time, but I have a benchmark Q.

Is pgsql , better ? faster ? more reliable than mysql ?

any comment ?

I've only ever used Interbase and now Firebird. Latest release is due any day and is FAST.

Some people say that php is not for a very big enterprise, banking ,
application !! they said that java or even .NET is better ... I m against
that but what do you all think ?

Firebird + PHP work quite happily and will cope with Gigabytes of data. I hate those banking sites that you can not access because 'you don't have Microsoft VM' ( Aliance&Leicester Commercial ! ) while other sites work fine without needing any downloads ( Aliance&Leicester Personal )

Why waste time re-inventing the wheel - use what you are
used to :)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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