> Get serious for a second here... Why not explain why you're asking this
> question? If you're going to store a huge amount of data in a session,
> explain why.

OK. Today I'm working on a prototype GUI for a medical setting ( the 
production GUI will be done in C++, I believe). The GUI must keep track of 
a patient's name, prescriptions, and diagnoses, as well as things like 
what treatment room the patient will be seen in. Because different 
treatment rooms have different equipment, and so are used for different 
purposes, the user of the GUI will 
begin by selecting a treatment room, which pulls up from the DB all the 
patients scheduled for that room on that day. There are 6 treatment rooms, 
and if a user has navigated 3 or 4 steps into the GUI then decides to 
select a different treatment room ( and a different patient ), then 
everything gets reset. 

Most of these variables are getting stored as session variables so that 
the data persists as the user navigates further into the application. 
Including things like username, password, permissions, login flag, 
database, hostname, patientID, prescriptionID(s), diagnoses, treatment 
room, and several other variables, I'm using about 15 session variables. 
As I debug, I'm needing to sort through a growing number of variables to 
see what values have been stored in them. This is getting tedious because 
the list scrolls off the page. But as I develop more of the app, the need 
for more persisting variables has grown, and I guess I just had a moment 
of panic that I was gonna hit some limit of persisting variables.

BTW, this GUI is for an intranet site, with perhaps 20 users max. 

You've been extremely helpful to me and many other listers here, John, and 
I did not mean to perturb you in any way by my initial question.


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