You don't have too worry about the overload of the server.
I presume that you don't have a genuine 486DX4 with 66Mhz.
The windows is lowsy on this machines. :>

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> > Get serious for a second here... Why not explain why you're asking this
> > question? If you're going to store a huge amount of data in a session,
> > explain why.
> OK. Today I'm working on a prototype GUI for a medical setting ( the
> production GUI will be done in C++, I believe). The GUI must keep track of
> a patient's name, prescriptions, and diagnoses, as well as things like
> what treatment room the patient will be seen in. Because different
> treatment rooms have different equipment, and so are used for different
> purposes, the user of the GUI will
> begin by selecting a treatment room, which pulls up from the DB all the
> patients scheduled for that room on that day. There are 6 treatment rooms,
> and if a user has navigated 3 or 4 steps into the GUI then decides to
> select a different treatment room ( and a different patient ), then
> everything gets reset.
> Most of these variables are getting stored as session variables so that
> the data persists as the user navigates further into the application.
> Including things like username, password, permissions, login flag,
> database, hostname, patientID, prescriptionID(s), diagnoses, treatment
> room, and several other variables, I'm using about 15 session variables.
> As I debug, I'm needing to sort through a growing number of variables to
> see what values have been stored in them. This is getting tedious because
> the list scrolls off the page. But as I develop more of the app, the need
> for more persisting variables has grown, and I guess I just had a moment
> of panic that I was gonna hit some limit of persisting variables.
> BTW, this GUI is for an intranet site, with perhaps 20 users max.
> You've been extremely helpful to me and many other listers here, John, and
> I did not mean to perturb you in any way by my initial question.
> David

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