There are 113 rows in my comma delimited text file and the code below only displays 62 
of them. It executes very quickly so I'm not thinking there is a time out problem. Any 
//here is URL with fgetcsv() explanation:
$uploadthis = 'C:/AsciiTestJohn/OR100012-09252003.txt';
$row = 1;
$handle = fopen ($uploadthis,"r");
while ($fieldarray = fgetcsv ($handle, 300, ",")) {
    $fieldcount = count ($fieldarray);
    print "<p> $fieldcount fields in line $row: <br>\n";
    for ($c=0; $c < $fieldcount; $c++) {
        print $fieldarray[$c] . "<br>\n";  
 $buffer = fgets($handle,300);
 $buffer = str_replace("\"","",$buffer);
    print $buffer."<br>";
 }  //end of while loop 

fclose ($handle);

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