On Saturday 27 September 2003 01:24, Karen Resplendo wrote:
> Does that mean that my length setting has to be exactly the length of the
> row? 


> I don't know this because it is a comma delimited file, not a space
> delimited. The function description says:
> "The length parameter must be greater than the longest line to be found in
> the CSV file (allowing for trailing line-end characters). "

So set it to [max line length]+10.

> I removed this block where I do an fgets() and then I get all rows
> displayed. Also, I was mistaken about total rows. There are 123 and I only
> display 62, which is half, so I'm thinking something is being incremented
> twice instead of once. 

Exactly, that block of code below is reading in another line. What is it's 
purpose anyway? What are you trying to achieve?

> What should I set the length at?:
> $buffer = fgets($handle,300);
>  $buffer = str_replace("\"","",$buffer);
>     print $buffer."<br>";

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