I run PHP and mysql on my site.  I allow people to use
a PHP page to send me an email that is logged in the
mysql for logging reasons.

If someone sends me an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
(fake address, not real) when it is sent it does not
bounce, instead it gets sent to the root email
account.  :(  I don't want this as I don't read the
root account all the time because emails that go there
are mainly spam or from people who do not have the
correct email address to send to.  I don't reply to
any in there.  Just delete them, they take up space
sitting there.  

Is there a Program(s) I can download or change a
setting on my server to make them bounce back with a
message?  (like other web server do)

Sure I could setup a autoresponder of some kind but I
don't want to reveal the root account email.  Can
anyone help?

Also I host other sites and domains, if I install a
program on my web server for my emails to bounce will
they work for them?  Preferrably is there a program I
can use to just use for my domain?  And others can ask
for it to be installed for their accounts.

All help mostly appreciated.


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