Note that even that isn't really very good because
each domains is
supposed to have a working postmaster@ account where
any problem 
for the domain can go.  If you just bounce any mail
from the outside 
you're not playing nice with the rest of the world. 
Just because other
web servers bounce possibly-valid mail to root (very
probably because
it's a Win box whose master account is
'administrator') or other system
accounts doesn't mean that you should.

That's what I was trying to find out.  About how to
have something like postmaster@ response.  (or
something similar)  I run linux not a Win Server
version.   Can someone please help me out?

So I should read the root email that is recieved
because it's important to read about how it gets
there?  Well I would read them, except they are not in
english.  They are true spam email not anything
relevant at all.  I translatted it, it's no hints or
anything.  It's disgusting.  I have not recieved one
form of root mail in English.  Except the ones that
seem to not go to the real email address.  But they
are easy to point out.

Why are emails getting delivered wrongly?  Because on
the PHP page they put the to: Address, the from:
address and subject and message and a few other
things.  They put the address to send to.  So they put
in the wrong address, delibrate or not I dunno.  I do
a fair bit of logging for spam reasons.  But it's more
of a test than anything else. But I want it if emails
go to an invalid email at my doamin it will bounce and
say a message and stating the reason.  But I need to
know what I need to achieve it.


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