Are you asking for help with the query, or with having the query populate 
a select box? If you are planning to be able to manually enter search 
criteria, then you do not want a select box, you want a text type input. 



09/29/2003 05:01 PM



[PHP-DB] Query's

Howdy List,

I am a little confused in incorporating a drop down menu into my select
I have a very simple 1 table database that contains my DVD collection.

Right now - very simply it connects to the database, and then produces
the results of the search based on a

$result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM movies");


This then produces the results onto the page in the tables that I have

This was fine when I only had 50 or so dvd's - I am nearing the 500
mark, and it is WAY past time to add a search

This is where I get lost.

I can get into mysql monitor, and I can pull out using SELECT * FROM
movies WHERE genre LIKE *******
And then I have a selection of Genre's that I can enter to generate the

What I am trying to do is incorporate some selection drop down menus
that would make the search process easier.

Example: search for movies where {dropdown1} is {equal or like}
Dropdown 1 would be my first criteria: movie name, director, lead actor,
The equal or like would be a standard textfield to be filled in.

I hope that I am making sense here. 

If anybody can shed some light onto a confused newbie (the php script
above was written at my old place of employment for me - otherwise I
could ask them) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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