> Hi,
> I have two columns in my Bookings table of type DATETIME -
> Booking_Start_Date and Boking_End_Date. How can i update every row so that
> all of the times for Booking_Start_Date are 09.00 and all of the times for
> Booking_End_Date are 17.30, without affecting any of the dates?
> Thanks for your help
Off the top of my head - use mysql's DATE_FORMAT to build a date string, 
then concatenate the required time string and use that as the update 
value. Something like

UPDATE table SET Booking_Start_date = 
CONCAT(DATE_FORMAT(Booking_Start_Date, your format here),'09.00'), 
Booking_End_date = CONCAT(DATE_FORMAT(Booking_End_Date, your format 

You'll need to play a bit with that - and of course test on a backup.

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