yes it's possible...
I must set user and database permissions on database A to accept connections 
from other hosts.
if you don't have permissions to set this, you have to contact the provider of 
database A to set this.


Someone let me use their extra web space so I would have a
banner-free place to put my site. After their domain name expired,
they didn't re-register it, and didn't let me know ahead of time. I
wasn't thinking properly, so I had not created a backup of any of the
tables in my database. 

I have purchased my own domain now, and am wondering if there is any
kind of code I can execute from my current domain to copy or back up
the tables from the old domain. I believe the database has not yet
been deleted, since my user account has not been deleted, and all of
the files I've uploaded through FTP are still intact. I've sent
several e-mails to the company that was providing the shared hosting
package, but did not receive any response, so I don't think they will
help in any way. 

If anyone could me know if accessing the database on the old server
from the new server is possible and how to do it, or if I'm just
plain old SOL, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance  :)


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