PalmDB is a database used PalmOS.
PHP have extensions to many databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc...
What I want to know is PHP have a database extension to access Palm databases.
If not, have plans to implement in future versions ?
I'm intersted in port PalmDB lib to PHP and I want to know how can I do this.


> Hi...
> php have PalmDB(.pdb) extensions ?
> if not, have plans to implement in future versions ?
> thanks
> Cesar


Perhasp you could explain what a PalmDB is??

It is the web server that decided what to do the file of a certain
extension.  There is nothing stopping you from using a file extension
of you choice an associating it with php, either in the web server
config or the os if you are using the stand alone binary under windows.

George Patterson 

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