I have been having this problem for a long time.  A while ago I wrote
the below functions to handle database errors.  They used to display the
message and email it to me.  Now mysql_error() returns nothing!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as you can imagine this is
causing a lot of problems.

Are they any other ways of getting the error?


  function query_db( $sql, $db ) {
    $result = mysql_query( $sql, $db ) or
      error_db( $sql, $db );
    return $result;

  function error_db( $sql, $db ) {

      global $SERVER_NAME, $SCRIPT_NAME;

      table_top( "Database Error" );


      $sqlerr = mysql_error( $db );

      echo "<b>SQL:</b>:<BR>$sql<br><b>Error:</b><BR>$sqlerr";


      // Clost of table/html from calling script

      // Send error via email

      $msg  =
        "Application error has accured on CriticalDistribution
instalation ".
        "on '$SERVER_NAME'. The error message is :-\n\n".
        "This message was ".
        "generated by '$SERVER_NAME/$SCRIPT_NAME'";

      $subj = "CritDist App error from $SERVER_NAME";

      // Hard coded to minimize chance of this module erroring
      $to   = "CriticalDistribution <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>";
      $from = "From: ".$to;

      mail($to, $subj, $msg, $from);


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