Your configure line is telling PHP to compile Oracle support into PHP,
not as a self-contained extension (.so).  Check phpinfo() to see if
Oracle support was compiled into your PHP DSO.


>>> "Adriano Rocha" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 10/08/03 01:40PM >>>
Hi there,

I'm running Linux RedHat7.3 with PHP 4.3.3. Same machine runs Oracle
with ORACLE_HOME = /usr4/oracle/9.0.

When I compile php with oci8 support, using the commands below, ...

root # > ./configure --with-oci8 (no errors)
root # > make (no errors)
root # > make install (no errors)

... it does not create the file. Obviously, php pages on
and related functions crashes with undefined function error. However,
if I
run php on Win2k, uncommenting php_oci8.dll in c:\winnt\php.ini,
works wonderfully!!!

Can Anybody help?
Thanks a lot!

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