Well, this is the situation:

i have a Win32 server running Apache2 and PHP4.3.2 as a module. I've been
working really fine with the Sybase-CT module, and everything went fine
till i added MSSQL support.

When i restarted apache after changing php.ini it just throw an awfull
amount of msg boxes telling "registration failed - duplicate name -
mssql_connect" and so on for every mssql function. At first I thought that
php_mssql.dll was being loaded twice, but it wasn't the case. So i started
to walk around the problem, but nothing seemed to make it work.

At last i came with the idea of enabling only mssql support, so I commented
php_sybase_ct.dll and everything worked fine (like sybase_ct worked fine
alone). I inverted the situation some times (enabling mssql and disabling
sybase, and vice-versa), and everytime it worked great, with only one
driver enabled.

I know that there are some workarounds for this (in fact, i know that i can
connect to MSSQL with the sybase functions, and if it was my code i'll do
the trick myself) but i can't give that solution to my client, and odbc
isn't viable either. He depends on some third party different apps that use
both sybase and mssql.

So i'm stucked here, i can perfectly "enable" and connect to MSSQL or to
Sybase, but not both.

Any suggestion or tips will be great...

Federico Finos

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