The problem is the Sybase extension. It defines some mssql_* functions, and
these will conflict with the mssql_* functions defined by the MSSQL

You can either use the Sybase extension alone and use both Sybase_* and
mssql_* functions, but then there will be no support for the special mssql
functions to handle stored procedures etc.

If you can recompile the Sybase extension, you can disable the definition
of the mssql_* function aliases and that should solve the problem too.

- Frank

> Well, this is the situation:
> i have a Win32 server running Apache2 and PHP4.3.2 as a module. I've
> working really fine with the Sybase-CT module, and everything went fine
> till i added MSSQL support.
> When i restarted apache after changing php.ini it just throw an awfull
> amount of msg boxes telling "registration failed - duplicate name -
> mssql_connect" and so on for every mssql function. At first I thought
> php_mssql.dll was being loaded twice, but it wasn't the case. So i
> to walk around the problem, but nothing seemed to make it work.
> At last i came with the idea of enabling only mssql support, so I
> php_sybase_ct.dll and everything worked fine (like sybase_ct worked
> alone). I inverted the situation some times (enabling mssql and
> sybase, and vice-versa), and everytime it worked great, with only one
> driver enabled.
> I know that there are some workarounds for this (in fact, i know that i
> connect to MSSQL with the sybase functions, and if it was my code i'll
> the trick myself) but i can't give that solution to my client, and odbc
> isn't viable either. He depends on some third party different apps that
> both sybase and mssql.
> So i'm stucked here, i can perfectly "enable" and connect to MSSQL or
> Sybase, but not both.
> Any suggestion or tips will be great...
> Regards,
> Federico Finos
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